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-name = bhumik (boomer, boom, batman)
-i am Batman! so deal with it.
-this blog is to make you smile, laugh and or make you feel better. its mainly just things that i have in my head
-vegetarian (nothing against people that eat meat just raised this way :D )
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Really want to wear my “You bet your sweet ass I hate the Steelers” shirt tomorrow because of the game but I’m slightly concerned it’s not ~~professional~~*

I love 2 teams the Ravens and any team that beat the steelers

Tattoo idea a friend drew up. Please share to spread her artwork. Thank you.


Tacos and Led Zeppelin…yeah buddy

Ur fine…ur ok…everything is always gonna be fine…everything will always be ok……but sometimes is not ok to be just fine…sometimes u just wanna be happy
Someone amazing
vande mātaram
sujalāṃ suphalāṃ
śasya śyāmalāṃ
vande mātaram

śubhra jyotsnā
pulakita yāminīm
phulla kusumita
sumadhura bhāṣiṇīm
sukhadāṃ varadāṃ
vande mātaram


Minimal Posters - Five Of India’s Greatest Contributions To Science.

Happy Independence Day India!



*wipes eyes*

*wipes nose*

PM just dedicated his entire speech to farmers, scientists, armymen, teachers, masons- in short, the people of India, irrespective of their occupation- and said they are the ones who build a nation and not politicians or rulers.

*bursts out crying*

He just talked about how boys and men should be taught to treat women equally.

I haven’t ever heard any Indian PM talk about these things. And he is speaking impromptu. No beforehand written speech.


so other than that, mrs. lincoln, how was the play

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What do you fight for?

I fight for…. oh look cake!

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He is getting bigg